Saturday, December 31, 2011

Sun #365

Matchstick Sun! 


Well here it is the end! I have to admit this was really hard to keep up with the past couple of months, with my Mom being in a coma. She is the reason I kept going, being that she is my biggest fan, and I know she would be upset if she was the reason I stopped. I also feel like I really just threw some of the Suns together here at the end. So with that being said, I do have more ideas and Suns to complete. I am going to take my time completing them, but I feel I need to finish them. My goal for 2012 is that I want to still try and post some kind of art at least once a week, whether its a Sun or not. I really feel like I am more myself when I am creating. Thank You for all the support and can't wait to see what everybody comes up with next year. Happy New Year Everybody!


  1. Great finale, Tara!

    Best wishes to you and your mom ~

  2. Well done Tara! I have been following your suns. The movie was a good idea. All the best for 2012 and I hope your Mom be fine soon.

  3. Wow Congratulations for your amazing work and what a final!!!

  4. Wonderful! Congratulations on a successful and wonderful year!