Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Sun #298

Lucky Heart Sun! There are no changes in my Mom. She's still stable. Went back to her house to sleep and found the shamrock necklace. Trying to stay positive.

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  1. Hey there! :)
    I just discovered your project a couple of days ago and I'm amazed at how far you already got! It's quite interesting with how many different materials you come up to make your suns.
    Seeing this shamrock really made me smile since my life has been flooded by Irish music, films, fairy tales and lots of other things lately. So tanks for this one! ;)
    What makes it all the more interesting for me to look at all your suns is that I'm basically doing the same thing - seeing that suns and stars are basically the same thing. :D

    P.S.: I wish you and your family all the best and hope things will turn out alright! Keep some sunshine in your heart - I'll send a little starshine your way. :)